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Best Hospital for Glaucoma Treatment in Hyderabad

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Smart Vision Eyes Hospital is one of the latest and greatest hospitals that treat glaucoma in this area. We will cover the glaucoma world in our next piece discussing Smart Vision’s advanced treatment and its superstar specialists.

Understanding Glaucoma: A Stealthy Threat to Vision

Glaucoma is a collection of diseases resulting from increased pressure within the eyeball which also damages the optic nerve. The optic nerve plays an important role in the transmission of visual information to the brain and any damage therein leads to permanent blindness. There are many forms of glaucoma and primary open-angle glaucoma is the most prevalent type.

Glaucoma is known as “the silent thief of sight”, as it usually develops gradually without notable symptoms or warning signs during the initial stage. However, once glaucoma becomes severe, individuals may lose their peripheral vision, which can result in tunnel vision and finally blindness

These risk factors include age, family history, as well as various medical conditions such as diabetes. Early detection is crucial, and regular eye exams aid early management of this condition. For managing high intra-ocular pressure, usually, prescription of eye drops is used, as laser therapy and sometimes even surgery if it has reached an extreme point.

Glaucoma’s effect on vision health involves awareness, early diagnosis, and lifelong management. Regular monitoring of glaucoma patients through an eye examination and compliance with prescribed medication have a great impact on protecting their vision in addition to improving their lives

The Pioneering Glaucoma Treatment Hospital

Smart Vision Eyes Hospital is one of the best for treating glaucoma. The hospital uses modern technology and new methods that aim at designing individualized treatment plans for each patient. Smart Vision encompasses all treatment options ranging from medication, laser therapy, surgery, and other medical options available for glaucoma management.

How to prevent glaucoma naturally with lifestyle and home remedies

Though the damage caused by glaucoma cannot be reversed, treatment and timely checkups can help in slowing or preventing vision loss. Apart from adopting a glaucoma prevention diet, there are other lifestyle and home remedies that can help in improving eye health.

  • Always sleep with the head elevated at around 20 degrees so that intraocular pressure does not increase when you are sleeping
  • Always follow a good exercise routine to reduce eye pressure. This step is highly recommended if you are having open-angle glaucoma
  • Always consult your doctor before making changes in your exercise regime
  • Consuming a Vitamin and Nutrient-rich diet holds the key to preventing the worsening of glaucoma
  • Take the prescribed eye drops and other medicines as advised by the doctor

Your Vision Prescription Has Stabilised:

Before considering LASIK surgery, it's essential to have a stable vision prescription. We recommend that your eyesight remains consistent for at least one to two years. This stability increases the chances of achieving optimal results and ensures long-term satisfaction. If your vision has shown stability, it's a positive sign that LASIK may be a viable option for you.

You've Reached the Appropriate Age:

While there is no strict age limit for LASIK, it's generally recommended for adults. Most eye care professionals advise waiting until you 're at least 21 years old before considering LASIK surgery. By this age, your eyes typically stabilize allowing for accurate vision correction. Our experienced eye surgeons at Smart Vision Eye Hospitals will assess your individual circumstances to determine if you're ready for LASIK.

best hospital for glaucoma eye treatment in hyderabad - smartvision eye hospitals

Schedule an appointment with Smart Vision’s Glaucoma Specialists

The experienced specialists in glaucoma are behind the triumph of Smart Vision Eyes Hospital. They add to their knowledge and expertise with skills that are well-needed to customize treatment options for individual patients. Specialized team of the hospital provides outstanding outcomes and proves the hospital’s desire for excellence

The Glaucoma Surgery: A Lifesaver for Your Eyes

In addition, Smart Vision performs advanced glaucoma surgeries when conservative treatment fails. They are designed to lower intraocular pressure, which is one of the causal factors for the advancement of this disease. Patient-centred interventions from trabeculectomy to minimally invasive surgeries at smart vision are aimed at optimal outcomes.

There are laser surgeries typically performed in the office and incisional surgeries performed in the operating room. Incisional refers to surgeries that cut into your body parts. Your eye care provider will talk with you about whether surgery is a good idea for you and which type would be best.

There are different types of glaucoma laser surgeries. They include:

Laser trabeculoplasty.

Open angle Glaucoma has Intraocular pressure which necessitates laser trabeculoplasty. It could also be done in closed-angle glaucoma patients, whose iridotomies are not patent. This process can be considered less dangerous and therefore, is getting more and more attention.

Laser peripheral iridotomy (LPI)

Iridotomies – or creating a hole in the iris — would be the best treatment of pupillary-block – block glaucoma. A small incision is made on the cornea to allow the movement of fluids past the obstacle at the level of the pupil and towards the anterior portion of the eyeball. Iridotomy refers to the hole found in the iris.

Cyclophotocoagulation (CPC)

The cyclophotocoagulation is a laser process that lowers eye pressure on the part producing the fluid (ciliary processes). A newer type of cyclophotocoagulation is much more incisive, and it can be highly efficient in reducing intraocular pressure.

Sailing Life After Glaucoma Treatment

The journey begins with receiving the treatment. Smart Vision Eyes Hospital knows that continuous aftercare is paramount. This equips patients with the necessary skills and resources for post-treatment patient care and a bright tomorrow.

Conclusion: A Clear Vision Ahead

Smart Vision Eyes Hospital is a symbol of excellence within the globe of glaucoma treatment. We consider our patient’s health not only from the time of diagnosis but also through treatment and beyond, ensuring the most appropriate care. The Smart Vision Eyes Hospital is more than a hospital for people suffering from glaucoma; it is a lifeline offering clean, transparent vision. Let the professionals at Smart Vision take charge.