Am I Eligible for LASIK?

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Am I Eligible for LASIK?

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Are you having difficulties with your eyes lately? Is your vision blurry? If you have some problem with your eyes, then you might want to try a LASIK procedure. However, there are some basic facts that you should understand before you go for that surgery, including what is considered the minimum age for LASIK surgery, benefits, and many others

Lasik Minimum Age:

Normally, LASIK surgery is not suitable for persons below eighteen years old. Ophthalmologists prefer conducting the procedure on people who no longer require a change in their prescription eyeglasses. Vision stability is one of the main prerequisites for successful results and durability of the surgery.

Lasik for the Elderly:

There are no age limitations for LASIK, but the health of an elderly person’s eyes must be assessed. Vision enhancement through LASIK surgery will also likely mean reduced reliance on spectacles and contact lenses in old age; however, there must be more detailed evaluations during pre-operation.

Lasik Age Limit:

While it does not give a specified age limit for LASIK, an individual’s health condition determines if one is eligible to receive it. Safety during the procedure of LASIK involves various variables including the corneal thickness, quantity of tears produced by the eyes, and overall eye health.

Lasik Criteria:

Besides age, special conditions need to be realized to perform LASIK surgery. These include a stable prescription, good overall health, and practical expectations in terms of the results.” It is critical to involve experienced LASIK surgeons for a better evaluation of these criteria.

The role of LASIK surgeons in this process cannot be exaggerated throughout the whole LASIK surgery path. Selecting a qualified surgeon enables complete preoperative examination as well as faithful postoperative aww.

Factors affecting LASIK


However, age also determines whether or not an individual is qualified for LASIK. Most of the time people need to reach the age of eighteen or above because their eyes become stable after that time. It should however be noted that it is often argued that the best age range for LASIK falls within the group of ages between 20 and 40, since very young people often tend to develop other defects in vision which might ultimately have negative implications over the period.

best age for Lasik eye surgery - before and after lasik eye surgery care at smartvision eye hospitals

Prescription Stability:

The prescription of glasses and contacts has settled, making LASIK more effective. The surgery depends on the prescription, and therefore sudden changes may mess up the procedure. Normally doctors will advise on a fixed dose of contact lenses of at least one or two years before even contemplating LASIK.

Eye Health:

For one to qualify for LASIK, good overall eye health is necessary. Individuals whose conditions include glaucoma, cataract, and corneal disease are exempted from the procedure. The only way one can check the well-being of the cornea, retina, and eyelids as well as others is through a full eye check conducted by an appropriate eye care expert.

Overall Health:

One of the major factors that should be considered when determining whether an individual qualifies for LASIK is general health. Healing may be prolonged due to chronic conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and some immune disorders, leading to further complications. The physical readiness of a patient for an operation is determined in the course of a detailed health assessment.


After doing LASIK, some drugs can interfere with the healing process and even make things worse for the patient by increasing additional complications. In the pre-operative assessment, it is vital to declare all the current medications, even those over-the-counter and supplements that might need to be altered.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding:

Pregnancy-related hormones can influence vision, thus delaying LASIK is recommended until hormonal balance occurs. This will have implications on the preoperative measures, leading to possible substandard outcomes due to fluctuations in hormone levels.

Best Age for LASIK:

Although you cannot say one age is the best age for LASIK, generally, people who have eyes with stable sight in their twenties or thirties are perfect candidates for this operation. Nevertheless, LASIK is assessed case by case, taking into account other criteria besides age.

Lasik After Care:

Anyone seeking LASIK must understand post-treatment care. Patients are then given comprehensive guidelines on post-operative care to facilitate quick recovery. Such actions could entail avoiding vigorous exercises, utilizing prescribed eye drops, or even visiting follow-up LASIK surgeons at agreed times.

How Long Does LASIK Last:

One question that is frequently asked by prospective candidates is the durability of outcomes for LASIK. LASIK was conceived as a one-time therapy that corrects normal refraction abnormalities such as myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Nevertheless, aging of vision can occur with time due to other factors. The patient is advised to visit an ophthalmologist regularly for monitoring purposes and timely management of any development or changes that may occur in the eyes.

To conclude, undergoing LASIK surgery is a private affair that one has to decide upon after considering their age, general health status, as well as what he/she feels is best for his/her vision. First, it is necessary to consult with experienced LASIK surgeons and understand the criteria, and care procedures to get a better vision and become less dependent. Look no more visit us at SMART VISION EYE HOSPITAL across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.


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