Refractive Services

Any processor done to make people see without the help of glasses is call refractive processore

Type of Refractive Services available at Smart vision

Corneal refractive procedures

PRK (examiner laser)

We the help of examiner laser we reshape the cornea to help people see without glasses

LASIK (examiner laser)

Examine laser is used to see to reshape the cornea by rising a flap on the cornea

FEMTO LASIK (combination of examine and femto laser)

Cornea reshape with examiner laser by rising the flap with femto laser this technics helps to treat maximum power with at most safety

SMILE (Femto Laser)

Smile is the flap less technique uswed to reshape the cornea with the help of femtolaser

All the above technique require corneal suitability to be taken up for the proced


People not suitable for corneal refractive procedures and people eith high glasses prescription {more than -7.0D} will be adviced phacic iols . there is a suitablity test for these procedures too

  • Refractive Lens exchange

with help of present day technology ,people not suitable for either of thses above techniques can be made to see without glasses ith a femtolaser assisted clear lens extraction and placing a multifical lens

Who is eligible for refractive procedures

  • Patient should be at least 18 years of age
  • Glass power should be stable for at least a year.
  • corneal refractive procedures preferably are done for glasses prescriptions -1D to -7 D[MYOPIA] and till +6D[HYPEROPIA], and till -4D of astigmatism
  • Patients need to discontinue contact lens before corneal thickness and curvature evaluation
  • Soft lenses need to be discontinued for about a week and semisoft lenses for 3 weeks.
  • Pregnant ladies and nursing mother are not eligible.

Why Smart Vision for Refractive Sercices?

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