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ARMD Laser Surger

What is ARMD?

Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) - the leading cause of vision loss for people over 60 Gradually destroys the central vision needed to see objects clearly and to perform common daily tasks

Two types clinically -dry and Wet ARMD

Dry ARMD characterized by the aging and thinning of the macular tissues.

A specific combination of vitamins and the minerals are found to reduce the risk of dry AMD progressing to wet AMD and its associated vision loss.

Wet ARMD begins when abnormal blood vessels grow under the macula eroding the tissue . These fragile vessels will leak fluid and blood.

Although only 10-15% of people with dry AMD progress to wet AMD, this form is far more serious FFA,ICG and OCT aid in assesing the abnormal vasculature

Intravitreal injections of Anti VEGFs, Photodynamic therapy , thermal laser are the treatment options available

Why Smart Vision for ARMD?

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