Cataract Surgery

What is cataract

The human crystalline lens, which is clear and transparent is part of the focusing mechanism of the eye.

With age, the lens becomes cloudy and opaque, thereby hampering normal vision.Any opacity in the crystalline lens, which leads to decreased vision is cataract.

What are the treatment options for Cataract?

Surgery is the only course of treatment for cataract. There are two options available for cataract surgery.

Conventional Cataract surgery or Extra Capsular Cataract Extraction(SICS/ECCE)

  • Injections are given near the eye
  • Requires an incision of 7-8 mm
  • The cloudy eye lens is removed in one piece
  • A hard plastic lens is implanted
  • Multiple Stitches are required in ECCE
  • Final glass prescription could take even up to 10 weeks

Micro incision Cataract Surgery (PHACOEMULSIFICATION)

Requires a very small incision of 1.5-2.8mm

Cataract Extraction with Phacoemulsification is followed by foldable lens implantation Walk-in Walk-out procedure Stitch less, bloodless, painless surgery Changes of infection are very low Minimum post surgery precautions Quicker healing and recovery.

What are the different options available for intra ocular lenses

1. Monofocal lenses-only distant vision is covered.near vision needs glass prescription

2. Multifocal lenses-both distance and near vision is coverd

Recent Advance technology in cataract surgery

1. Femto second Laser assisted cataract surgery

2. Zepto laser assisted cataract surgery

Why Smart Vision for Cataract?

Trust, Care and Excellence - sum up our core values. We are reputed for our state-of-the-art technologies, uncompromising quality, preventive, restorative and rehabilitative treatments.

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For Cataract surgery, we adopt advanced technology in cataract surgery like Femto Second Laser and Zepto Laser to make it less invasive and less painful for the patient. Cataract extraction with Phacoemulsification (Micro incision Cataract Surgery) makes cataract surgery suture-less, bloodless, painless and recovery faster.